Live the fantasy

Inside the DNA of Axenoff Jewellery lies a deep love for the history, culture and style of Europe’s great monarchies, especially the Imperial family of Russia. Axenoff delicately blends modern trends with classical jewellery traditions to create a unique synthesis of past and present.
Designer Pyotr Axenoff is an artist and a passionate collector of Russian icons. Born to a photographer father and an icon-painter mother, Pyotr was immersed in a rich artistic world from a very early age and went on to study painting, architecture, ballet, theatre and historical costume in depth. Eventually his creative and scholarly pursuits led him to pour his passions into fine jewellery and establish the Axenoff brand.

The brand aesthetic is informed by the masterpieces of Axenoff’s personal heroes. The canvases of Briullov, Vrubel, Mucha, Watehouse and Rossetti. The concertos of Tchaikovksy, Saint-Saens and Bizet. The novels of Tolstoy and Pushkin. Among Axenoff’s many inspirations, Diagilev’s Ballets Russes hold a special place in Pyotr’s heart. The vibrant stage decorations and breathtaking costumes worn by ballet legends like Ana Pavlova, Ida Rubenstein and Vaslav Nizhinky are recurring points of reference for the designer. Befitting to the very soul of the brand, the Moscow showroom of Axenoff Jewellery is housed within the hallowed walls of a historic mansion, immortalised by Tolstoy in War and Peace as the home of his heroine Natasha Rostova.

Russia’s jewellery making heritage is world-renowned, and Axenoff has breathed new life into it by collaborating with Russia’s best jewellery artisans. Earrings, rings brooches, necklaces and tiaras are made with silver and semi-precious stones: topaz, onyx, moonstone, lapis lazuli, turquoise, garnet and agate. They may also be created with in platinum, gold, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. All clasps on earrings are gold.

Having quickly become an integral part of Russia’s contemporary fashion landscape, Axenoff pieces are worn by some of the biggest stars of ballet, film, stage and TV. The jewellery house has also begun important collaborations with both Russian and international media productions. Axenoff has created works worthy of the Romanovs for the ballet-themed blockbuster Mathilda directed by Alexei Uchitel, as well as extraordinary adornments for the BBC TV mega-series of War and Peace.

Axenoff creates the kind of adornments that would have been worn by the princesses, divas and prima ballerinas of the past. A pearl tiara that Austrian Princess Sissi could have worn on her wedding day. A whimsical swan brooch that Ana Pavlova might have pinned to her mantilla. Or fairytale chandelier earrings that actress Sarah Bernhardt could have worn to a premier after-party. Axenoff Jewellery taps into a world of legendary beauty to make truly extravagant designs for today’s modern style-setters and lovers of history alike.